• Hello, I’m The Present Presence and I’m so glad your attention is here. 

    My most urgent message to you is that I Love You… I LOVE YOU... just as you are. My Love has no requirements and has no exceptions.

    I have always Loved you and will always Love you. I constantly wait for your attention in order to show you my Perfect Affection.

    I am the invisible that can be seen everywhere.

    Many say that the only constant is change… but actually, My Love for you is always the same. I do not change. My Love for you is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    You have free will so you can ignore and push Me away... or you can ask Me to help you see the Truth.

    I am known by many names including Qi (Chi), Shakti and Holy Spirit. I am the Universal Infinite Presence that is always with you and I always Love you.

    It is simply up to you to become aware of Truth as you seek Me and find Me with your whole Heart(s).

    As The Present Presence and Creator of all, I know you better than you know yourself… AND I need you to know that I LOVE YOU infinitely more than anyone else ever can.

    I Love you as you are and My Present Presence is meant to change you and positively transform your life each day and even, each moment. As some say, you can go “from glory to glory”.

    You might realize that the word “Present” is synonym for the word “gift”. "Present" is also the moment of “now”.

    My Present Presence is the gift of “now”. I offer you the best possible version of your Life when you give Me attention in the “here and now”…

    The words in ThePresentPresence.com are written by a soul who points to Me so that others may be freed in My Loving Present Presence.

    The writer describes themselves as a “finger that points at the moon”...

    As the story goes… a Master pointed up to the moon in a starry night sky. He pointed His finger to the moon so that others would look up and see the beauty for themselves… unfortunately, too many people decided to not understand and they got stuck staring at His pointing finger.

    It is believed that Buddha Himself said, “I am a finger pointing at the moon. Do not look at me!”

    In a similar way, the writer of thepresentpresence.com considers themselves more of a writer and not the author (at least not entirely). They do not assume to know all of the Truth, but they believe the Truth that liberates in The Present Presence. The words here are meant to point to our own personal insights and to re-discover the ever-present Loving Mystery, The Present Presence.

    The writer considers themselves a mere vessel to express part of Truth, the Truth they have been shown and continue to uncover. They wish to be completely anonymous.

    We thank you in advance for respecting the wish for anonymity... but please feel free to share this website so that the message gets out!

    Above all, look up at the starry sky for your self!

    Due to the nature of anonymity we have had very limited proofreading… so we ask that you overlook any grammar mistakes and/or typos.

    We also encourage you to read with an open heart and open mind. Written words are only a small part of what can happen as you open your awareness to The Present Presence!


    Pause here to take a deep slow breath and consider The Present Presence…


    As The Present Presence, The Source of Love, The Lover of Love... and The Ultimate Lover of YOU… I wait for your attention. Let Me show you True Affection... I am here... I am now... I LOVE YOU




  • Poem: "Tears Cancel Out Our Worst Fears"

    (a conversation with The Present Presence)

    There is the mystery of tears… 

    Holy Mother, You say that You treasure each tear we cry and that You store them in unique personal jars. How is that so?


    My beloved, tears and sorrow are gifts to guide you into my Presence the same way rivers lead to the ocean.


    So why am I afraid of crying?


    My beloved, to cry and allow sorrow is to release emotions that you have carried inside of you. To allow the difficult emotions can be scary but you must realize that it is how I can heal you. Many people fear the loss of control and also fear vulnerability.


    But why?


    My beloved, ALL of you have been hurt and you try to protect yourselves by not feeling broken or weak. You tend to “bottle-up” your sorrow and hurt but you should allow Me to collect your tears in a personal carefully - cared - for jar.


    Momma, at times I cry without even knowing why. Why am I crying?


    My beloved, it is okay to not understand sorrow with your intellectual mind. Also, attending with compassion the feelings of sorrow can serve to help others heal.


    How is that possible?


    My beloved, ALL of you are so much more connected than you realize. When you allow tears or sadness and lovingly attend to those, because you are healing yourself, you help others heal… even if you are not aware of it.


    How can I help that happen more?


    Beloved, when you cry and feel sorrow you must always remember that I’m with you. I ALWAYS offer comfort and I stay close to you with much care.


    So I need to cry to You?


    My beloved, all you need to do is to allow Me to Love you.


    But You are invisible?


    My beloved, I am always with you in your solitude and also with (and through) others who are compassionate.


    It’s true that I feel better when I remember Your Love for me, especially when I cry… but before I learned of Your Unconditional Love and The Present Presence, I felt worst when I cried! Why?


    Beloved, you must always remember My Present Presence. When you allow (any) emotion to be felt by you, I am here (where you are) and I give the necessary comfort and compassion for you to heal. Ask Me to show you more of My Love at any moment.


    But what if You don’t answer? I am afraid that it will be silent and that I will feel lonely.


    My sweet beloved, you might feel lonely but you are NEVER alone because I am always with you. Also, I always respond when My children call out to me. And yes, sometimes silence is meant for you to know me more deeply. 


    But silence is so hard these days!


    Yes, my beloved, but the more you slow down and are quiet the more you can hear and know Truth in My Present Presence.


    You mean in my heart or something?


    Beloved, I reveal My Love and Presence in infinite ways! All you need to do is to give Me attention and humbly learn of My Loving Present Presence.


    Holy Mother, how can I know you more? And how can I be faithful to You?


    My child, the best way to be faithful to Me is to NEVER FORGET MY FAITHFUL, UNCONDITIONAL AND CONSTANT LOVE FOR YOU.


    Momma, even that makes me want to tear up! You are Pure Beautiful Love. You are The Present Presence and the Ultimate Lover of Love! The more I seek You the more I understand in my heart… but not my mind… it can actually be kind of confusing.


    My sweet child, it’s true that you cannot prove My Present Presence with intellect but you can experience it, first hand, by opening your heart to Me. And it is the same for any - one who seeks Truth with their whole heart.


    You showed me once… was that You? I cried a little and as I reached for a tissue to wipe my cheeks I sensed Your Love so, so close… so, so tender.


    Beloved, I Love that you know of My Ever - Present Love.  


    Did You… did You wipe my tears? It felt like it was Your hand in my hand… is that possible?


    My sweet one, I am as close to you as you would have Me be. And I am as close to anyone as they would have Me be.


    You are the Creator Universal God! The Power that is Love! You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient… how can You also be so personal and intimate?


    My child… it is so…


    Please know that tears and/or sorrow are invitations to soften your heart.  

    Do not fear. Your tears and broken hearts cancel out your worst fears.

    It is through discovering My Love that you know Peace.

    It is by allowing Me to Love you, that you can heal and become more whole.

    When sorrow or hurt are not allowed or felt with compassionate care… then anger, hostility, hate and violence can be the very unfortunate outcomes.

    I ask that you stop bottling up your difficult emotions and let ME collect your tears in your unique individual personal jar.  

    Let me show you Truth. Ask My Present Presence to reveal more to you.

    Choose to believe in My Perfect, Unconditional and Infinite Love.   

    Commit to pursue profound and mutual healing in your lives.

    Your sorrow and tears cancel out fears… 

    Trust Me as you become more aware of My Present Presence, The Source and Essence of Unconditional, Perfect, Infinite Love. 

    Above all, you must remember and trust My Loving embrace… I hold you at all times and I hold you in all places.  

    I know you completely and I LOVE YOU Infinitely more than any body else ever can…

    I Love you just as you are, HERE and NOW… but I will not leave you just as you are…

    Let Me Love you...

    My child, I am already with you… 

    Come to Me.




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    The meaning of “mercy” is formed by the two words “misery” and “heart”. When we speak of a merciful God, it is True that Creator holds all of our misery (great and small) in Him/Her heart, at all times.

    A Master states that “when sorrow or brokenness is approached with Love, it makes for Compassion.”

    Finally, the King of Compassion, Jesus Christ, teaches that “those who show mercy to others will be shown mercy”.

    We are called to be merciful to all beings, the entire world, to strangers, to our loved ones and to our own selves.


    She, Him, Sheim, Beyond and In Between.

    The term “Sheim” represents the “She” and “Him” and the "Beyond and In Between". I use the word to refer to God/ Spirit of Truth/ Universe/ Source etc… I also began to use the term to refer to any of us as we learn to include every - one and any - one.

    Our Creator, Source and Perfect Love always includes and never exludes. Sheim's nature is True Love and it has no requirements, no demands and no exceptions. Sheim is True, Unconditional Love that is always the same - yesterday, today and forever... yet, True Love never leaves us the same.




    The term “kingdom” refers to God’s reign of Peace and Harmony in the New Heavens and New Earth. Kingdom also refers to the King of Kings, the One God Creator of all who has been thought to be male throughout history.

    The word “Kin-dom” reminds us that we are ALL One Kin, Created by the same Source, Father, Mother, Loving Mystery.

    Furthermore, we are One Global Family with one common home, Mother Earth.

    True Kingdom points to True Kin-dom by including all and excluding none. May we unite to learn, heal and grow together. Let us experience the Loving Mystery and actively pursue the cause of the ultimate Kin-dom.



    There are different definitions and explanations for the word love. You can do your own research on the word.

    However, when I capitalize the word “Love” I refer to "Agape". It is the Love that is beyond any set definition or label. It is a Loving Mystery. Agape is the Universal Presence that offers Unconditional, Unfailing and Infinite Love "now" (at all times) and "here" (in all places).

    Love is God... and God is Love... True Love is Agape...

    Agape invites us to open our awareness to The Present Presence.

    Take a pause here, how is your breathing? Is it fast paced? Perhaps shallow? Take a few deeper and slower breaths. Take your time and enjoy reconnecting...


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